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Towards Perfection After Ramadan (khutbah)

Although we marked the end of Ramadan with Eid, a time when we should celebrate and be happy, we can also perhaps understand that the moment is a bitter-sweet one. Why?


Dealing with Darkness: A Brief Spiritual Reminder for Muslims

With the recent shooting on Martin Place in Sydney, followed by the mass killing of children in Peshawar and then another terrible tragedy in Cairns, members of the community, be they believers or non-believers, asked a simply and salient question; why is this happening? Why does God allow this to happen?

What’s wrong with our food?

What are we really putting into our mouths? “Ethylene is a petroleum-derived flammable gas that mimics the ripening hormone of many fruits, especially tomatoes, which can be months old by the time […]

Where is home? | Diary entry

by Zakaria Mohammad – exclusive for As I sit here, on a seat that has been manufactured to test the ability of time with its leathery feel and arms with sockets to connect […]