Senate Inquiry into Halal Certification waste of money

The Islamic Council of Victoria has welcomed the findings of the Senate Inquiry on Halal Certification, however, is still concerned that tax-payer funds have been wasted.

The Senate Inquiry on Food Certification Schemes and Certifiers in Australia was fuelled by Senator Cory Bernardi. The findings were unequivocal about claims that Halal certification raised the cost of the food item or that it was “funding terrorism”.

Paragraph 3.42 of the findings stated, “There have been various public claims that fees from certifying halal food may be funding terrorism. AUSTRAC (Australia’s regulator and specialist financial intelligence unit) has no information that indicates halal certification is linked to terrorism.”

ICV Secretary, Kuranda Seyit said,”There is a bigger problem here, bigger than these vexatious claims; that is, the money being wasted on this Inquiry could have been well-spent on urgently needed social services. Mr Bernardi really should find more important things to do with his time.”

The Inquiry actually found the direct opposite of some of the claimants:

“The global halal food market is worth over 1 trillion US dollars and growing four times faster than the world economy. Australia’s share in it is very lucrative. This means a strong economy for us all – more jobs, more income and a better standard of living. Overall, we are all beneficiaries of a Halal market and it is important to breakdown the misconceptions.”


Source: ICV press release