ICV urges PM to be fair and transparent in refugee intake


Wednesday, September 9 2015

ICV urges PM to be fair and transparent in refugee intake

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) cautiously welcomes the announcement that Australia’s humanitarian migrant intake will be significantly increased as a result of the crisis in Syria, however, is concerned about comments made by the Prime Minister and some of his cabinet members, regarding the screening of refugees on religious grounds.

ICV spokesperson Kuranda Seyit said, “Australia has to play its part and take responsibility for the current humanitarian crisis that has been beckoning for our assistance for over four years.”

The ICV urges the Australian Government to lend its broad shoulders and to carry the burden that now faces the international community by assisting as many refugees as it can possibly permit.

“I strongly urge our PM, the Foreign Minister and cabinet members to set the criteria for our refugee in-take on a non-discriminatory basis,” Mr Seyit said.

“There are over 4 million persecuted Syrians which includes Kurds and Sunni Muslims. It is our concern that thousands of Syrians, who are desperate and fleeing persecution will be overlooked based on their adherence to Islam, which is not only discriminatory but also counterintuitive to the initial proposal to help the Syrian refugees.”

For further information or media inquiries contact ICV media spokesperson Kuranda Seyit: 0412 318 045 / seyfi.seyit@icv.org.au

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