ICV condemns no action on Rohingya


The Islamic Council of Victoria condemns the atrocities being carried out by the Myanmar regime against innocent Rohingyan civilians. We call upon the Myanmar government to cease its persecution of Rakhine state’s 1.1 million ethnic Rohingya and to protect them from attacks from Buddhist Rakhines.

The ICV is urging Australia to take positive steps to avert a humanitarian crisis. We can play an important role in resettling those who are found stranded under temporary protection until Myanmar reassures that Rohingyan rights will be reinstated.

ICV secretary and spokesperson Kuranda Seyit said, “We would like to see the Australian government take a strong stance on this humanitarian issue. We urge the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop to put pressure on Yangon to protect its people, this is not an ASEAN problem, it’s a universal issue about saving lives. We hope that the Minister can open up dialogue on the central issue of the Rohingya and to have a protection plan in place in return for Australia’s support.”

Currently there are over 70, 000 Rohingyans in the regional capital of Sittwe, who are living under desperate conditions in refugee camps. With their backs to the sea and conditions deplorable, the Rohingya are opting to leave by boat, trying to get to Thailand or Malaysia. This has left many people, mostly women and children, exposed to the elements, afloat for months with virtually no food or water.

For further information or media inquiries contact ICV spokesperson Kuranda Seyit: 0412 318 045 / seyfi.seyit@icv.org.au

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