Minister Condemns Violence And Calls For Respect For Difference

Premier of VictoriaThe Andrews Labor Government condemns today’s violence by a minority of demonstrators at Federation Square. (Media Release)

Victoria is a proudly multicultural and multi-faith state and Victorians lead the nation in respect for difference and rejection of racism. Our many cultural, linguistic and religious communities are united by a shared commitment to our nation and its laws and institutions.

Free speech is an important principle but so is respect for multicultural communities. As a Government, as a Parliament, and as individuals, we must remain vigilant in challenging any organization whose purpose is to divide. Racial or religious-based attacks will not be tolerated.

The Andrews Labor Government will continue with bipartisan efforts to foster peaceful diversity and address any threats to our harmony and unity.



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Hundreds of anti-Islam protesters have clashed with counter-demonstrators at rallies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other sites across the country.

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