Muslim community mourns the passing of Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser

ICV Press Release.

Friday, March 20 2015

Muslim community mourns the passing of Malcolm Fraser

The Islamic Council of Victoria was saddened today to hear the passing of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

Mr Fraser was a man of wisdom and compassion who was also a voice of reason on social and humanitarian issues. ICV President Ghaith Krayem said, “Today we not only lost a gentleman who made a significant contribution to the political landscape of our country but someone who had the courage and morality to speak out about the injustice of apartheid states, commencing a restorative relationship with Aboriginal Australians and advocated for the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers. Our nation is a poorer one with his passing.”

The Islamic Council of Victoria extends its condolences to Mr Fraser’s family.

“Mr Fraser, in recent times, was a reflection of the nation’s collective conscience and stood by his principles and lived his life by his actions and his words,” Mr Krayem added.

The ICV hopes his family will find some solace in knowing that our community, as do innumerable Australians, not only mourns with them but will remember Mr Fraser as a friend, a man who was always generous with his time and wisdom and an advocate for keeping the Australian values of social justice alive.

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