Moazzam Begg

Syria, Islamic State and returning fighters – Moazzam Begg (video)

Moazzam Begg spent nearly three years in the notorious Guantanamo bay detention centre, after being picked up by the secret services in Pakistan in 2002.

Since his release without charge in 2005, he has committed himself to advocacy work on behalf of those affected by the War on Terror, primarily as research-director of the charity CAGE.

In 2014, Begg travelled Syria where he met with opposition fighters and activists fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad, to offer training and find out information about the nature of the civil war in the country.

Shortly after his return to the UK, Begg was arrested by the police and charged with terrorism-related activities, despite informing MI5 of his visit.

He has since been released from prison and cleared of all charges, after it was revealed MI5 had been bugging his car for a year. In spite of this, his passport remains revoked and his bank accounts frozen, making it difficult for him to continue his work.

Begg came to the Middle East Eye offices to talk about the war in Syria and the increasing radicalism of the country’s fighters and the ensuing backlash in European countries as a result of more and more young Muslims travelling to fight in the country.

Source: Youtube