Trust in Allah | Diary entry

trustby Zakaria Mohammad

We all share pains. Granted they are at different levels for different people but yet the belief is that my pain or sorrow cannot be compared to anyone else’s.

How can I deny the fact that I am sometimes sad. Family circumstances, world events, haters, total disregard for human rights and needs, racial vilification, but the pain you feel when you see your mum breaking down but yet trying to be the queen and the strong one in the family; That hurt is greater then any hurt I have ever felt (underlying word “I”).

Regardless of what pain you are feeling today I keep recalling Allah’s words “with every hardship there is ease”. Sometimes I feel that ease will never come and sometimes I find ease in the little moments of my life, like looking at my daughters, talking and spending time with my son, having Friday morning breakfast with my wife, spending the little moments with my family and sharing my life with my friends (Are you you? (inside joke)).

It is a sad day because I am, and so is every family in my circumstance, going through something which is hurting my family but ease will take over and I trust in the Qadr of Allah and most importantly I trust in Allah.

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