The falsehoods in President Obama’s speech

US strategy would be very different if the White House truly cared about ‘freedom, justice and dignity’

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Presidents lie. They lie about lots of things, big and small, to protect or enhance their power, that of the interests they most closely represent and that of the country they lead.

The “freedom, justice, dignity” phrase was spoken by President Barack Obama Wednesday night during his speech articulating his strategy to combat the Islamic State (IS). He put the sentiment slightly differently in a letter released to the media on the same day, writing, “This is American leadership at its best: We stand with people who fight for their own freedom.”

There can be no doubt that the president spoke untruths. The strategy he unveiled simply cannot be American leadership at its best. After trillions of dollars spent on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and against “terrorism” worldwide, with whole countries laid waste, hundreds of thousands dead, thousands of U.S. soldiers with permanent traumatic injuries — after all this, another U.S. secretary of state is going from one authoritarian state to the next to build a new “coalition of the willing” to help “degrade and destroy” the monster that together we helped create.

We have already tried Obama’s “new” strategy, and it has already failed. The U.S. simply cannot defeat an ever-expanding terrorist movement by strengthening ties with corrupt, brutal and authoritarian regimes, which for decades, thanks to U.S. support, have been oppressing their citizens while enriching themselves beyond measure. If American leadership were truly about “freedom, justice and dignity,” partnering with such regimes would be a nonstarter, not a cornerstone of U.S. strategy.

Source: Al Jazeera America


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