Andrew Denton on Everything That’s Wrong With Australian Politics

Tony Abbott should duck. Labor is unelectable. The Greens are ineffective. And News Limited has no moral compass.

“Do I have a message for Tony Abbott? Yep, duck.”

“I don’t think this government are going to lose the next election. I don’t think there’s an electable opposition,” Denton says.

“It’s the great tragedy… of our time, that we have the most radical right-wing government that we have ever elected in the history of our country, and a Labor party which apparently stands for nothing.”

“I think there’s a lot of people in the middle, both Liberal and Labor, who are really alarmed at the choices we face.”

“So it’s not just a case of what Tony Abbott’s doing, even though he’s the man in power. There are great questions about the viability and the future of the Labor Party in this country.”

“What makes that even harder is the Greens who have tremendous rhetoric, are strategically not very effective in what they do.”

“Were I the Prime Minister, the one thing I wouldn’t be doing is attacking education, because as studies have shown, the greatest wealth and strength of any nation is not its army – it’s its intellectual capital,” he says.

“If we want to be competitive we need to be smart.

“While I accept that the previous education funding model many not have been as effective as we thought, I don’t think taking billions of dollars out of education as a starting point is a good thing for our future.”

Denton, who wields strong influence with younger audiences, also had a message for the government on its funding cuts to the ABC, and in particular for news Limited, an “American company run by an American citizen” which had led a “blatant and commercial campaign to cut the ABC down”.

“[News Limited] is a company which doesn’t have your interests at heart; which is about its bottom line profit; which has meddled in the politics of this and other countries for its own gain; which has been responsible for some of the great journalistic outrages [of our time], the phone hacking scandal in England being the most recent.

“[News Limited] is attempting to take away from you, an ordinary Australian citizen, a cultural resource, a news resource, a professional resource, which you have paid for, which is here entirely for your benefit, which is here to hold your government to account, which is yours.

“That’s what’s actually happening here. This is not just about a political ideology which the Liberal Party had, it’s actually about an attempt to take away from Australians their voice, their critic and their questioner of those in power, and replace it with an American multinational with an extremely dodgy record and a very low moral compass.”

Read full article by Chris Graham at: https://newmatilda.com/2014/07/13/andrew-dentons-advice-tony-abbott-duck