ACTION ALERT: Express Your Concerns about the New Anti-Terror Proposals

4th of September 2014

Australian National Imams Council | ACTION ALERT

Express Your Concerns about the New Anti-Terror Proposals

ANIC would like once again to express its concerns about the new anti-terror proposals. All the proposals are of serious concern, but the following two are of particular concern and must be opposed:

1. Named Person Warrants: At the moment ASIO has to apply for a separate warrant for each activity it wishes to engage in. The current proposal would enable ASIO to seek one warrant specifying a number of powers against an identified person. Condensing multiple powers into a single warrant sidesteps the concern that the greater the incursion into privacy, the greater threshold there ought to be. For example, the installation of surveillance cameras in a private dwelling would be a far greater incursion into a person’s privacy than a tracking device on their vehicle, and should be considered separately for this reason.

2. Broadened ASIO Optical Surveillance Powers: ASIO will have the power to obtain a warrant to place a video camera inside the home of anyone who is “likely to be engaged in activities prejudicial to security.” The definition of “likely” is extremely broad and lowers the threshold significantly. This power will allow for a significant invasion of privacy. The homes of Australians will no longer be their private domains. In addition, ASIO, unlike law enforcement agencies is free from the scrutiny and review of the judicial process.

ANIC calls on all concerned Australians to contact their federal member of parliament to voice their strong opposition to these draconian proposals. You can call or write to your federal member. You can also request to discuss the matter with your federal member in person. The two points above should be included in your communications.

Non-government organisations (NGOs) must also join this campaign to protect the rights and freedoms of Australian citizens.

The government is trying to rush these proposals through parliament so your action is urgent.
ANIC also calls on all Imams around Australia to raise this matter tomorrow in their Friday sermons. These proposals will affect the privacy of all Australians and must be opposed.



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