ANIC opposes military involvement in Iraq

3rd of September 2014



The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), as stated previously, believes that one of the main causative factor for local radicalisation in the west has been the western governments’ military involvement in the Middle East. The support of unjust, dictatorial regimes as well as unilateral military aggression based on duplicitous foreign policy positions has only aggravated the state of global fear and violence. 

If the Australian government is serious about reducing the terror threat locally, then it must review its foreign policy decisions with regard to this region. It is on this basis that His Eminence, Professor Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Grand Mufti of Australia and ANIC opposes the government’s current decision to transport and provide weapons to the Kurdish forces in Iraq.

The decision by the government, given the complexities present in Iraq, is confounded by the following:

• The decision is not based on a United Nations’ resolution sanctioning such action. And this is despite the fact that Australia currently sits on the UN Security Council.

• The weapons are not earmarked for a national government but rather for a breakaway force that includes a listed terrorist organisation, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

• The likelihood of mission creep given the government has already foreshadowed the possibility of deploying SAS soldiers and fighter jets.

Professor Ibrahim Abu Mohamed voiced his opposition stating: “ANIC calls on the government to reexamine its decision to provide weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq. The Government will be imputed for further radicalization locally if it continues military intervention in the middle East.”

ANIC fully supports the government’s current humanitarian assistance insofar as food, water and medical supplies to affected regions in Iraq are concerned. This is a just and noble act that all citizens will applaud.


Imam Shady Alsuleiman, ANIC Secretary – Mr Samir Benneqadi, ANIC General Manager –

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