Islamic Council of WA condemns ‘anti-terror’ law proposals



Friday, 21th August 2014

ICWA condemns ‘anti-terror’ law proposals

Islamic Council of WA would like to add its voice to the rest of leaders, imams, activists and community organisations of the Muslim community (referenced below) to oppose the new anti-terror laws proposed by the Abbot government.

The proposed law is a slide towards authoritarism that will negatively impact the long established human rights, freedoms and civil rights of all Australians.

Dr Rateb Jneid the President of ICWA says that “the Abbot government has not bothered to consult the Islamic Council of WA or any Muslim associations from Western Australia on the proposed anti-terror laws”, we are of the view that the current national security laws are sufficient to deal with any external or internal threats to the country.

Islamic Council WA would like to echo the concerns raised by the rest of the community as the proposed laws will target the Muslim community and create a bigger divide and distrust in the Islamophobic polarised climate in the community and will not benefit the nation.


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Islamic Council of Western Australia Inc.

The Islamic Council of Western Australia (ICWA) was established in 1976 and incorporated as a State Council for Islamic affairs in 1977. We promote unity and friendship amongst Muslims and other communities within and outside of Western Australia.

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