Muslim Community denounces ‘anti-terror’ law proposals

exclIn the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

This statement articulates our position with respect to the counter-terrorism proposals announced by the Abbott Government earlier this month. These proposals are unjust and unjustified.

We – the undersigned imams, activists, leaders, community organisations and student bodies of the Muslim community – denounce these proposals and the broader ‘war on terror’ regime within which they fit.

We highlight the following:

  1. These laws clearly target Muslims and they do so unjustly. Whilst the language of the law is neutral, it is no secret that in practice these laws specifically target Muslims. Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s commentary in selling these laws also makes this clear.
  2. The primary basis of these laws is a trumped up ‘threat’ from ‘radicalised’ Muslims returning from Iraq or Syria. There is no solid evidence to substantiate this threat. Rather, racist caricatures of Muslims as backwards, prone to violence and inherently problematic are being exploited. It is instructive that similar issues about Australian troops travelling abroad to fight or Jews travelling to train or fight with the Israeli Defence Force are simply never raised.
  3. These proposals come in the same style as those which have preceded since the Howard era. An alleged threat is blown out of all proportion as the pretext, further ‘tightening’ of the laws is claimed necessary and rushed through, without proper national debate or community consultation. The reality of the alleged threat is also exposed by the lack of correspondence between the official ‘terror threat’ level, which has remained the same since 2001, and the hysterical rhetoric from government ministers.
  4. The Muslim community is being asked to sign off on laws and policies that have already been decided. Prime Minister Tony Abbott is merely seeking approval under the cover of consultation. He seeks that the Muslim community be on board because the policy entails the community policing itself. We refuse to provide such a rubber stamp on what is an unjust and hypocritical policy. We also reject government attempts to divide the Muslim community into ‘radicals’ and ‘moderates’ and to use the community for its agenda.
  5. As Muslims, we are as concerned about peace and security for all as anyone else. At the same time, we are not naïve. We are not fooled by those who speak against violence and terrorism but are its proponents at an institutional level through military and foreign policies. We are not fooled by those who speak of peace but maintain cordial ties with dictatorial regimes abroad and who support and justify the most heinous of violence inflicted on innocent people as seen recently in Gaza.

It is evident that the ‘war on terror’ has been a failure.

After thirteen long years, everyone can see that the world is not a safer place. Rather, violence and instability is noticeably more prevalent. The approach of continuously ramping up laws, lowering legal standards, spending more on defence and intelligence agencies is not working. Over $30 billion has been spent in Australia on this war yet the threat is ‘as high as it has ever been’ according to the Prime Minister.

It is time for the wider community to take stock and properly debate these matters, instead of continually being misled by the politicians and their fearmongering. If matters continue as they are, we all stand to lose.

20 August 2014


Sheikh Abu Adnan

Sheikh Abu Ayman

Sheikh Abu Bakr Zaoud

Sheikh Adam Konda

Sheikh Eljam Bardi

Sheikh Haisam Farache

Sheikh Hassan el-Setohy

Sheikh Jamil el-Biza

Sheikh Laraibi Nouredine

Sheikh Mustafa Sarakibi

Sheikh Nazeer ul-Hassan Thanvi

Sheikh Omar el-Banna

Sheikh Rajab Idrizi

Sheikh Rian Wiramihardja

Sheikh Zuhair Issa

A Monirul Islam, JP

Abdullah Kunde – Community Activist

Abdurrahman Crossingham J.P.

Almir Colan – Australian Centre for Islamic Finance [AusCif]

Al-Furqan Islamic Information Centre


AMU Alumni of Australia Inc.

Assalam Initiative – Indonesian community organisation

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah Auburn [ASWJ Auburn]

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah South East [ASWJ SE]

African Diversity Association of Queensland – East African Muslim Community

Australian Muslim Women’s Association [AMWA]

Australians for Syria Association [ASA]

Baytal Hikmah Islamic Center, Melbourne

Cambridge International College Islamic Society [CICIS]

Canberra Islamic Center

Cumberland University Muslim Students Association [CMS]


Dr. Tamer Kahil

Dr. Yassir Morsi – Researcher

Fatihu Niam Soleh – Registered Nurse and Community Activist

Feroz Sattar – Community Activist

Hanan Dover – Forensic Psychologist, PhD Candidate, UWS

Hajr Toefy – Teacher and former School Deputy Principal

Hiraa Muslim Sisters of Canberra

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia

Hume Islamic Youth Centre [HIYC]

Imam Al-Taqwa mosque, Canberra

Imam Shameem, Surry Hills Mosque

Indonesian Islamic Association Inc. Sydney

Iqra Islamic Centre, Brisbane

IslaminAustralia.Com Web Portal

Islam in Focus Australia, Queensland

Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW [IAFUNSW]

Islamic Council of Western Australia

Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia [IISNA]

Islamic Information and Support Centre of Australia [IISCA]

Islamic Society of Belconnen [ISB]

Islamic Society of Deakin University [ISDU]

Islamic Society of Victoria University [ISVU]

Global Islamic Youth Centre [GIYC]

Keluarga Jawa Timur – East Java Community

La Trobe Islamic Society

Macquarie University Muslim Students Association [MUMSA]

Markaz Imam Ahmad, Liverpool [MIA]

Masjid al-Azhar, Belmore

Mohamad Tabbaa – Terrorism researcher, University of Melbourne

Monash University Islamic Society

Muslim Debate Initiative Australia [MDI]

Muslim Legal Network (WA)

Muslim Students Association of New South Wales [MSANSW]

Muslim Women Association [MWA]

Nakhlah Childbirth Organisation for Muslim Women

Raudhatul ‘Ilmi Initiative – Indonesian community organisation

Raudhatul Ilmi Women’s Initiative – Indonesian women’s organisation

Raisah Douglas – Somali Organisation for Development Aid [SODA]

Rashid Alshakshir – Community Activist & filmmaker

Rebecca Kay – Community Activist

Regents Park Musallah

RMIT University Islamic Society

Salam Care

Sefton Mosque

Silma Ihram – Community Activist

Sisters’ House Services, Brisbane

Stories in the Park

Swinburne University Islamic Society

Sydney University Muslim Students Association [SUMSA]

University of Melbourne Islamic Society

University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association [UWSMSA Bankstown]

University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association [UWSMSA Campbelltown]

University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association [UWSMSA Parramatta]

University of Technology Sydney Muslim Students [UTSMS]

Ustadha Umm Jamal

Western Australia Muslim Lawyers Association

Youth Victoria

Note: We encourage all community organisations and activists to share and spread this statement. If your organisation would like to add their name to this statement please contact Rebecca Kay – rebeccakay[dot]bankstown[@]

Download Statement (PDF)


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  1. I am proud of the statement I endorse it whole heatedly, may Allah SWT reward all the signatories.

    Bilal Abdelwahed

    Greenacre, Sydney, Australia.


  2. I endorse this statement.

    Allah [alone] is sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of affairs [for us].

    Abu Amaan

    Brisbane, QLD, Australia

  3. endorse
    endorses; endorsed; endorsing
    [+ object]
    : to publicly or officially say that you support or approve of (someone or something)

    I endorse this statement.

  4. My name is Crudely Islamified Mannequin Man and I endorse this statement

    Corner of Holden St, Lakemba, Australia. Come past and say hi.

  5. I endorse this statement and strongly condemn new anti-terror law proposals as an attempt of extraordinary burst of law-making targeting Muslims. In the ensuing decade we have witnessed the federal parliament enacting 61 pieces of anti-terrorism legislation, an average of one new anti-terrorism law every seven weeks.


    Melbourne, VIC, Australia

  6. I reject Team Australia. I reject Abbott. I reject these laws. I stand by the muslim community and firmly endorse this statement. It speaks for the muslim voice!

    Abu Isa


  7. I welcome and endorse this statement. Good on the organisations and community leaders for standing strong against the suited tyrants that run the system.

    Hajar Mohammad
    Sydney, NSW

  8. We are behind our Muslim leaders . Keep up the good work. We strongly denounce the anti terrorist law . Also we reject Team Australia . Abbot trying to be like that idiot George Bush ( you with us or against us)

  9. #TeamIslam

  10. I, Alissar Fahda, endorse this statement. The muslim community has had enough of the discrimination!

    (Sydney, NSW)


  11. Allahu Akbar!

    It’s about time the government got real. I commend all the signatories for their efforts.
    I endorse this statement.

    Reyam Hussein,
    Sydney NSW

  12. I endorse this statement and strongly condemn new anti-terror law proposals as an attempt of extraordinary burst of law-making targeting Muslims. In the ensuing decade we have witnessed the federal parliament enacting 61 pieces of anti-terrorism legislation, an average of one new anti-terrorism law every seven weeks.


  13. I endorse the above statement.


    Imtiaz Amin, Lakemba, NSW

  14. I endorse this statement!
    it’s high time we all (muslim and non-muslim) stand united against oppression.

  15. I endorse this statement .
    These new terror laws are extremely unjust …. what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty ??? These laws work oppositely if you are a Muslim …. Guilty until proven innocent … So we see the double standards in laws.
    They will further marginalise the minority of Muslim communities in Australia and will in no way make Australia a safer place for us all rather putting Muslim on the firing line

  16. I endorse this statement & I am very proud of our community for taking a united front against unjust laws riddled with hypocrisy. Jazakum Allahu khairan.

    Umm Ibrahim, Condell Park NSW

  17.  I approve this statement against #AntiMuslimLaws.
    Kudos to all the endorsing individuals and organisations.
    Together, we stand united and strong against all hostilities.

  18. I, Magan, from Melbourne, wholeheartedly endorse this statement. These anti terror laws seek to harm my community.

  19. I endorse it, we are all in favour of what’s good for Australia, but not at our expense.

    Tarek Muhamad

  20. For the first time many Muslims have come together united against injustice daced by the muslim community in Australia so I endorse this statement. As an Aussie muslim living in Kurdistan, Iraq at he moment it is unfair that PM Tony Abbott make new laws to segregate those people traveling between Iraq and Australia. I am living in war right now surrounded by so many refugees, injured men and even the fear that a US air strike might happen in my own home here in Kurdistan and when I do come back to Australia I must fear interrogation just for living here. Trust me I am more concerned about peace and security more than anyone else is living in Australia. I am Team Australia always but never in favour of laws that prevent Muslims being free and having privacy so I am against these anti muslim laws that team Australia is endorsing. Just because the UN has the right to place sanctions on muslim organizations cause of their radical view, why not place them on the Israeli defense force just for killing many innocent men, women and children!?

    Chra Abdulla, Australia and Kurdistan

  21. I endorse this statement.

    A tip for Mr Abbott and Australian government. If you are really serious about countering so called “terrorism” as you would define it, within Australia, then I would suggest you reconsider your decision to ally yourself with oppressive nations which whom have gained many enemies globally. Ensuring true justice nationally & internationally will ensure a secure & safe guarded nation Allah willing.

  22. I strongly endorse the above statement.

    Shame on Tony Abbott taking us back to the dark days of the Howard era. More shameful is the fact some of our very own Imams and community leaders have not learnt from past mistakes and still support such vile xenophobic laws that clearly target Muslims and are there to strip our civil rights!!

    Well done to the gutsy organisations above for showing true leadership and backbone and representing what such a huge chunk of the Muslim community here in Australia believe.


  23. I strongly endorse the above statement.

    No to a return to the dark days of the Howard era. No to xenophobic laws. No to discrimination. No to breaches of civil liberties. AND NO WAY WILL WE ACCEPT MUSLIM LEADERS WHO ARE MERE PUPPETS FOR A CLEARLY ANTI-ISLAMIC AGENDA! May Allah give you hidayah on the path of truth and justice.

    Kudos to the above brave signatories….. you have done the community proud for speaking up on something that such a huge chunk of us strongly believe in.

    Umm Iman


  24. In the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

    I unequivocally and proudly endorse this statement!!!!

    Abdulhakim Arief

  25. I wholly endorse this statement. The subtle discrimination that was already disgusting before is now blatantly and unashamedly repulsive.

    Nabila Chemaissem
    Sydney NSW

  26. Muhammad

    I commend the people that brought about this initiative. i do hope that various muslim groups/organization and community will come together and show unity in this even if it is just tokenism.

    I am in full support of/and totally endorse this statement.

    Muhammad Ahmad jais.
    Sydney, NSW.

  27. Muhammad

    I commend the people that brought about this initiative, and those in support of it.
    I have found this to be well worded, and the best response to the current situation. And the best response to date of any such situation.
    i do hope that various muslim groups/organization and community will come together and show unity in this even if it is just tokenism.

    I am in full support of/and totally endorse this statement.

    Muhammad Ahmad jais.
    Sydney, NSW.

  28. I am Abu Musa Mynul bin Ahmad from Sydney, Australia. I am so proud of of the brave and timely statemenatt from our leaders united as one. And I endorse this statement.


  29. I fully endorse this statement.

    You will not be able to stop the revival of Islam Australia.

    Islam is here to dominate the world, and expel the darkness which it has been engulfed with, through the satanic tools of democracy, secularism & moral bankruptcy of the West.

    The anti-terror laws are futile to stem this inevitability.


    – Tarek ‘Abdur-Rahman

    2761, NSW

  30. In all due respect to all people how could a ‘ denouncmemt’ to terrorism be bad! We live in a very unstable world so it seems.. so laws should be put in place towards peace! All humans deserve a safe environment it is rightly so! A world to exist where all views are considered and understood! I’ve never been bought up to hurt people or anyone, it’s very unjust, my only view is to love others and honour human life! It’s good to be alive let’s make peace! We are all the same we are human.we all have different views I understand that.. But violence toward another is Zero tolerance.. Unacceptable

  31. I have some sympathy with the attitudes expressed in Points 1,2 & 3 of the Statement, and the annoyance of being taken for granted. I certainly agree with the final comment : ” If matters continue as they are, we all stand to lose.”
    I fear we are on a path to war between Islam and the West. The west has the weapons to win, but the cost will be terrible. The only people who can stop this war are moderate Muslims who reject extremism and its acts, such as the murder of US reported Foley. Muslims such as those now fighting the Islamic State.
    I thus find concerning the Statement’s rejection of any divide between radical and moderate Muslims. I am sure there are many Australian Muslims who reject most of the views of those who support the Islamic State.

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