Press Release: ANIC will not be attending the AFP dinner


The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) will not be attending the AFP dinner due to the proposed ANTI-TERRORISM laws.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) would like to thank the Australian Federal Police for hosting the annual Eid Dinner planned for Sydney tomorrow, Thursday 7 August 2014. The dinner is an important initiative for communities to engage with Australia’s federal law enforcement agency and for this the AFP needs to be commended. ANIC supports any program which aims to enhance relations and promote better understanding between civil society and the executive branches of government.

However, His Eminence, Professor Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Grand Mufti of Australia and ANIC regrettably must in all good conscience decline the invitation to attend the dinner in protest of the new proposed anti-terrorism laws announced by the Attorney-General yesterday.

ANIC believes that the proposed changes to the anti-terrorism laws will severely impinge on the rights and freedoms of all Australians and especially those of Muslim faith. The amendments are a direct attack on the rule of law with fundamental rights such as the presumption of innocence for example watered down when it comes to alleged terrorism offences.

ANIC will vigorously campaign against these proposed changes and calls upon all fair- minded Australians to do likewise.

ANIC consists of more than 250 Imams across Australia representing their respective communities.

Mr Samir Benneqadi, ANIC General Manager – Imam Shady Alsuleiman, ANIC Secretary –

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