PRESS RELEASE – ICV condemns Israeli attack on Palestine – Jul 10



ICV condemns Israeli attack on Palestine

In the last 72 hours the world has been witness to an unfolding atrocity in Palestine at the hands of Israel. The Islamic Council of Victoria is appalled and horrified at the wanton attack on the Palestinian people, homes and civil institutions. The loss of life, particularly those of children and unarmed civilians, is an indictment on the state of Israel and all nations that remain silent in the face of such abhorrent actions.

The ICV draws attention to the fact that Israel is an illegal occupier of Palestinian land and has for many years refused to abide by numerous resolutions of the United Nations. It is an occupying force that in recent days has been indiscriminately murdering Palestinians without any reasonable excuse or justification.

ICV Secretary and Media Spokesperson Mr Ghaith Krayem said, “With every missile that destroys a home, with every bomb that destroys a hospital or mosque, with every bullet that takes the life of a child – our collective responsibility increases. There can be no excuse or justification that is acceptable to any reasonable person for such actions, yet the world remains silent.”

The ICV calls on the Australian government, and all people of good conscience regardless of race, religion or creed, to voice their collective repulsion for the actions of Israel and take all actions and measures possible to force the Israeli government to cease their wanton murder of innocent Palestinians.

“The Australian government cannot continue in its blind support for the state of Israel in the face of such heinous and inhumane actions on its part. The Islamic community demands an immediate response from the Government on this serious issue,” Mr Krayem said.

The ICV calls on the government to issue an immediate unequivocal condemnation of Israel demanding it cease all military actions against Palestine and to meet with Islamic leaders urgently to assure the community of its commitment to the value of all lives whether they be Israeli, Palestinian, Muslim or Jewish.

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