Abu Adnan Mohamad

“Ramadan Dates” – Iman boosting Show

Ramadan Dates (by OnePath Network) presented daily in the month of Ramadan. A show where we explore faith, fiqh and spirituality to help you make the most out of this month. 

01. Repentance in Ramadan : Sh. Shady Alsuleiman

In this episode we speak with Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman on the importance of repentance and how to achieve a sincere repentance in this month.


02. The Month of Quran : Sh. Abu Bakr Zoud

In this episode we speak with Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud on the topic of the Quran and its relevance throughout the month of Ramadan.


03. Night Prayers & Taraweeh : Sh. Omar Elbanna

In this episode we speak with Sheikh Omar Elbanna on the various night prayers in Ramadan, with particular focus on the Taraweeh.

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04. Rules of Fasting : Sh. Abu Adnan Mohamad

In this episode we speak with Sheikh Abu Adnan Mohamad about the rules of fasting and the fiqh behind this pillar of Islam.


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