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Bachar Houli says a trip to the Hajj was a rewarding experience

Richmond defender Bachar Houli has revealed an off-season trip has given him a new lease of life.


Instead of travelling to the extravagance of Las Vegas or the beaches of Thailand favoured by many AFL players, Houli’s was a trip with a difference.

Considered a pillar of Islam, the Hajj is an annual journey to the Saudi Arabian holy site that all healthy and able Muslims are encouraged to undertake once in their life.

Houli took the trip in October and said it had boosted his determination to succeed. ”People think it’s just about going there, circulating around a single stone. But it’s much more than that,” he said. ”It’s about reflecting on yourself and helping you improve as a person.

bachar-houli”It opened my eyes … I’m really excited that I’ve done this, I’ve experienced so much and it’s made me a stronger person.”

Houli, the first Muslim to play AFL football and a veteran of multicultural outreach work, said he hoped people could better understand the religion, and Islamic people and children could engage in the game as a result.

”It’s something I’ve always been really passionate about … I’m trying to target the Muslim kids, teach them about life, teach them about football,” he said.

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