Julian Assange: Counter-terrorism strategies targeting Muslims will affect the wider population.

Speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy Julian Assange lends his support to the recent report published by CAGE, The Prevent Strategy: A cradle to grave police-state.

The filing room of the FBI under director J. Edgar Hoover – who was instrumental in the aggressive, unconstitutional McCarthyite witch-hunts against perceived political opponents in the 1950s – can be seen in the background. Assange goes on to refer to PREVENT as a form of 21st century McCarthyism and ‘a modern regulated system of ratting each other out’.

With the British government set to enshrine PREVENT policy into law, CAGE released a report which argues that PREVENT has intruded so far into the affairs of the Muslim community that members of that community are living in a police-state ‘from cradle to grave’. The framework that is now being put into place will undermine the civil liberties of all communities and amounts to 21st century McCarthyism. The potential to abuse the fundamental freedoms of everyone has never been greater and the lack of safeguards requires urgent action. The demonising of a particular section of society should not be used as a cover for the state to create a structure that represents a danger to the rights of all.


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