NSW Bushfire Appeal

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Islamic Relief NSW Bush Fire Appeal


As bush fires rage across New South Wales, over 200 homes have been destroyed and hundreds of families are homeless, short on supplies and looking for evacuation points to wait out the fires before returning to their homes.

The fires have already claimed one life – a 63-year-old man who died while defending his home on the Central Coast.

The worst-hit areas of the Blue Mountains has been described as one of “utter devastation”. Firefighters are racing to contain over 80 fires all over the state of New South Wales.

Islamic Relief Australia is ready to help with needs such as supplies, food and temporary accommodation.

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NSW Bushfires Appeal


The worst bushfires in NSW in over a decade has seen 193 homes destroyed and 109 damaged in the Blue Mountains and has claimed 1 life. Several fires still remain burning across the state. Affected families are returning to nothing but charred remains of their homes and possessions. They are now homeless and living in temporary accommodation.

In response, Human Appeal International-Australia has launched an urgent NSW Bushfires relief campaign and pledged an initial donation of $20,000 to support the victims of these bushfires in their time of need.

HAI encourages our community members to donate urgently and generously to ease the suffering of our fellow Australians.

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