Did he cross the line? UNCLE SAM – Make Australia Halal!!

Uncle Sam is back on SBS with “MAKE AUSTRALIA HALAL!” campaign. Controversial video cause heated debate on our facebook page with many accusing “Uncle Sam” video as insensitive or making fun of Islam. Others saw it as a fun and clever way to fight stereotypes and Islamophobia. Did Uncle Sam cross the red line here? See the video and tell us what you think here or here.

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LATEST tweet from Uncle Sam: A man deliver anti-Muslim leaflet to my house today asking if “Islamism is threat”. Its not a threat, its my promise.

Hello! My name is Sameer Iqbal Muhammed Salahudeen, but you call me Uncle Sam. It is shorter name.

For long time people always say to me “Uncle Sam! When you make Australia halal? Everyone want Australia to be Islamic country!” I am here to tell you, that I am running to become Prime Minister of Australia with one goal – TO MAKE AUSTRALIA HALAL!

This is best thing for Australia, I guarantee! Australia is crying for Islam like little baby is crying for full cream baby milk! Feed baby Australia with ISLAM so that she stop crying!

When September 7 comes, make sure you VOTE FOR UNCLE SAM!

What is that you say? You’re not Muslim? THAT IS OK! You can still vote to make ISLAM the official religion and law of Australia! That is my promise to you people of Australia!



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