Breaking news: Leaked documents from Egyptian Consulate in Melbourne (Recent Development in Egypt)

Below is the leaked unpublished (draft) media statement regarding the situation in Egypt by the Egyptian Consulate in Melbourne. It seems to be a form of justification to the coup’s actions and to say that it has solid proof behind it and that is it unbiased would be a hyperbole at best.


According to this draft document,

“After six long weeks of illegal, unauthorized sit-ins and encampments in the heart of Cairo instigated by elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, Police forces conducted a regular security operation on August 14th to disperse the crowds”.  It further explains that, “The security forces employed the highest self restraint tactics in its operation with a view to minimizing harm to harm to persons in the encampments.”

“The current sit-ins are characterized by violence and disrespect of law. We have massed sufficient evidence that Violence has been perpetrated by protestors in the form of torture for non sympathizers and law enforces. Guns and other weaponry have been spotted and documented and in many cases there were wounds resulting from a variety of Bullets. ”

& “The state is under obligation to undertake the necessary measure to maintain public order within the confinements of the law.”

To justify such wild claims, several YouTube clips and Facebook photos (from private, but clearly Pro-Coup users) were offered to prove that:

  • Muslim Brotherhood supporters burned 17 churches in addition to some mosques;
  • Muslim Brotherhood supporters destroying a Cross;
  • Muslim Brotherhood supporters beating an Egyptian taxi driver to death for posting a photo of the Egyptian minister of defense on his car window;
  • Muslim Brotherhood terrorism and so on…

And on the flip side of these claims are several (once again, pro-coup) YouTube videos and Facebook images to advertise the non-violent approach of the military:

  • The Egyptian authorities took every measure possible to end the sit-in at the Rabaa El Adaweya square in a peaceful manner and so on.

While the documents that have been leaked are still in their draft form, it is quite interesting to note the intense level of negative bias towards the Muslim Brotherhood and the innocent protesters (Egyptian citizens) who died as a result of the ‘non-violent’ intervention by authorities who were supposedly committed to maintaining public order. We must also consider whether or not private Facebook and YouTube accounts account to reliable justification.

Not only this, but if this was to be announced to the general Australian public, (We have tried to contact the Egyptian Consulate in Melbourne for a comment via phone and email, and will publish their response once it becomes available.) what would be the implications of information with such questionable foundations? It is quite a possibility that this is misinformation and a meagre attempt at influencing those who eventually read it against the Brotherhood. Propaganda is a constant force around us in our everyday lives and we need to remain vigilant to all forms of propaganda and ask ourselves the question. Should we allow ourselves to be influenced by the propaganda of the powers around us or should we keep an open mind and properly assess the motives behind the attempts at social control exercised by others?

– Download full leaked document here.

– Egyptian consulate website: Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt – Melbourne

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